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Pre-vertrek voorbereiding voor uw reis

While we sort out your application procedure, what else do you need to know or prepare before going to Sydney?

  • Student Visa (of werken visa)
  • Ziektekostenverzekering (OSHC)
  • Accommodatie
  • Werken
  • Dagelijkse uitgaven
  • Beurzen

Student Visa

We are available for consultation for this matter and will support you through out this procedure.

You only have to provide us the necessary requirements stated by the government which is listed below.

Overall, what you needed to provide us are:

  • Full time studies requirement [Your current offer and confirmation letter provided by your institute].
  • Health Requirement [a copy of an health examination]
  • Health insurance [a copy of an overseas student health cover insurance (OSHC)]
  • English Level Requirement [a copy of your IELTS Test score]
  • Financial Requirement [a declaration on your application that you or your family enough support for your studies plus well being while in Australia]
  • Academic Record and History [a copy of all your previous transcripts]
  • Aged 18 and under MUST HAVE pre-arrangements for accommodation before coming to Australia

*this is only a general guide, please consult with our advisors for a more detailed information

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Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC)

Het is een vereiste van de Australische regering voor studenten te hebben een OSHC
tijdens hun studie in Australië.

This is to cover your cost of any illness you may have while you are in Australia.

The cost of the insurance may vary according to the length of stay in Australia.

To calculate the quote for your length of stay, the following Medibank webpage has the
calculator tool to help you estimate your total cost for your entire study period or while in

Click here Medibank OSHC cost calculator


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There are many selections for a student to choose for their stay in Australia and we can provide the housing information according to your preference such as convenience, transport, or financial situation.

Some of the popular housing choices for an international student are

  • On-Campus huisvesting
  • Off-Campus huisvesting
  • Home stay
  • Pensions

Soort accommodatie

Kosten (Per week)

Gemak/diensten inbegrepen

Op de campus huisvesting

AUD $100-400

*depending on its’ level of service provided

  • Eased of access to school
  • More exposure to school community
  • Can be applied through school faculty
  • Usually hard to get, very competitive

Off Campus huisvesting

AUD $100-400

* afhankelijk van milieu en niveau van dienstverlening

  • Choice of freedom in terms of location and housemates
  • Usually a cheaper choice comparing to on campus housing
  • Difficulty in finding the right one
  • Food and transportation cost
Homestay AUD $200 - $400
  • Food and services provided
  • More exposure to Australian culture
  • Usually expensive
  • Must abide rules and regulation


AUD $ 100-300

  • More exposure to school community
  • Services and food provided
  • Close to school
  • Usually hard to get, very competitive

*Students may also choose to spend their first few weeks in a student hotel while searching for their long term accommodation.

There are many cheap and affordable student accommodation provided and students are usually given discounts during the first few weeks of the semester.

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Working and Living Expenses

International student may apply for a working visa while they study in Australia. International students are allowed only 20 hours a week during their study but may be allowed to work more on their school break.

As for living expenses, general expenses such as food and transportation cost may vary across Australia however in populated city areas, a proper meal usually cost around AUD $8 to $10 and above. This is because anything with a service cost more in Australia, shopping for groceries on the other hand cost a lot less. Groceries that cost AUD $30, would usually be enough to cover the whole week’s food expense depending on your diet.

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Australia is a great place to look for internships and training courses which will provide the student a very rewarding working experience.

Note: CQU offers 20% Scholarships for those who have 70% or above in average score of their academic result from last education provider Schools and Institutes normally would provide merit scholarships

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Contact us!We are more than happy to provide you more information regarding to this matter.

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