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We are available for consultation for this matter and will support you through out this procedure.

You only have to provide us the necessary requirements stated by the government which is listed below.

Overall, what you needed to provide us are:

  • Full time studies requirement [Your current offer and confirmation letter provided by your institute].
  • Health Requirement [a copy of an health examination]
  • Health insurance [a copy of an overseas student health cover insurance (OSHC)]
  • English Level Requirement [a copy of your IELTS Test score]
  • Financial Requirement [a declaration on your application that you or your family enough support for your studies plus well being while in Australia]
  • Academic Record and History [a copy of all your previous transcripts]
  • Aged 18 and under MUST HAVE pre-arrangements for accommodation before coming to Australia

*this is only a general guide, please consult with our advisors for a more detailed information


1.!Top 3 'On Demand' Courses 
Based on our 2010, 2011 and 2012 Statistics:         !
1. Bachelor/ Master of Accounting
2. Bachelor of Nursing
3. Bachelor/ Master in IT
Overall Past Students' Ratings:  rating rating rating rating rating                  
Study in Sydney Agency 

2. Latest Migration and Visa Updates     

With the new introduction of Knight Review,
changes to the way the student visa being assessed
have changed quite significantly.

In plain English, it would be a lot harder for students       
who would like to study for VET Course to meet 
the GTE Requirements.           
Student visa applicants must be both a GTE 
and a genuine student to be granted a visa.
Brightannica is Migration Licensed to
advise on Migration
and Visa issues.
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