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There are many selections for a student to choose for their stay in Australia and we can provide the housing information according to your preference such as convenience, transport, or financial situation.

Some of the popular housing choices for an international student are

  • On-Campus Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Home stay
  • Boarding houses

Type of Accommodation

Cost (Per-Week)

Convenience/services included

On Campus Housing

AUD $100 -400

*depending on its’ level of service provided

  • Eased of access to school
  • More exposure to school community
  • Can be applied through school faculty
  • Usually hard to get, very competitive

Off Campus housing

AUD $100 -400

*depending on environment and level of service provided

  • Choice of freedom in terms of location and housemates
  • Usually a cheaper choice comparing to on campus housing
  • Difficulty in finding the right one
  • Food and transportation cost
Homestay AUD $200 - $400
  • Food and services provided
  • More exposure to Australian culture
  • Usually expensive
  • Must abide rules and regulation

Boarding house

AUD $ 100-300

  • More exposure to school community
  • Services and food provided
  • Close to school
  • Usually hard to get, very competitive

*Students may also choose to spend their first few weeks in a student hotel while searching for their long term accommodation.

There are many cheap and affordable student accommodation provided and students are usually given discounts during the first few weeks of the semester.


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1. Bachelor/ Master of Accounting
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2. Latest Migration and Visa Updates     

With the new introduction of Knight Review,
changes to the way the student visa being assessed
have changed quite significantly.

In plain English, it would be a lot harder for students       
who would like to study for VET Course to meet 
the GTE Requirements.           
Student visa applicants must be both a GTE 
and a genuine student to be granted a visa.
Brightannica is Migration Licensed to
advise on Migration
and Visa issues.
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