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Applying for Student Visa in Australia

To study in Australia, you will need to obtain a valid Australian student visa.
There are requirements to fullfil and they depends on the Assessment Level based on your nationality.
But generally these are the steps that a student has to go through to apply for Australian student visa:

  1. Course application
  2. Accepting offer from institute
  3. Receive Confirmation of Enrolment
  4. Lodging the visa application

First you will need to pick a course and institution to enrol to. There are certain aspects that you need to consider before enrolling, some of them are the major, tuition fee, duration of the course, whether or not it is qualified for international students, etc.
In Australia, you can find a lot of institutions that can provide certain course with different qualifications such as certificate IV, Diploma, Bachelor, or even Master. So be sure to know what you want to go for.
The easy way to know whether the courses are eligible to apply for Student visa is they have to have the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

After applying for the course of your choice, the Institute is going to assess and consider your application. This process takes time from a few weeks to months depending on the number of applications and the qualification that you are applying for. You should review the Letter of Offer carefully and make sure to comply all of them. The Letter of Offer is a contract between you and the institution. It sets out the course you will be enrolled in, enrolment conditions, the fees you need to pay, and the refund payable if you don’t complete your course with that provider. This contract is very important – if you don’t start your course, or finish your course, this written agreement will be used to determine if you will receive a refund.

Once you agree and make the payment for the course, the institute is going to issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for you. You will need this CoE for Australian visa application. Note that you are allowed to have only 1 CoE at a time. You should keep this CoE for your future reference. This will outline your course start date, total course fees and how long your course will run for.

There are 2 methods available for student visa application, online application or paper based.
Online application is available for students from certain countries only. For online visa application, you will need eCoE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment), while for paper based, everything has to be submitted via air mail. Generally visa application via mail will take slightly longer compared to online application. Beside the CoE you will need to provide OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover).

At this stage, the immigration case officer is going to review your application and ask for further supporting documents if required. Some students are required to undergo medical check up, or provide other documents such as evidence of fund and GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrance) to prove that you are a genuine student looking for further education option in Australia.

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There are a lot more to it, but basically these are the steps that you need to consider for applying a student visa.

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