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Cheapest English Course [2017] - $180/ week in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide [Night classes Available] - Student Visa OK

[Book for 11 weeks English Classes and get 1 week FREE of charge]

A lot of students have spent a lot of time and effort to improve their English back in their home country.
But most of the time the results are not up to satisfactory level compared to all the struggle.
There are several reasons for this, but the most common problem that we observe is students practice English only in their class,
which happens only a few hours a week. That is far from enough.

For those who would like to enter the Vocational course [Certificate or Diploma], Brightannica offers FREE English Assessment which would be able to be used for getting an Entry to the Institutions. The test would be done in our offices in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth.
For other test center, kindly call 02 8064 4011 [Sydney Office] for more details.

Benefit of Study English in Australia

Being an English speaking country, Australia is considered one of the most visited place in the world for study purpose, business, or holiday. Along with its various culture and ethnicity, English is being used daily as main language. This makes Australia the best place for everyone to learn or brush up their English skill.

Australia has special course developed for International Students known as ELICOS. It stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. This course is developed speifically for student that want to prepare themselves before continue their formal education to higher level, want to improve their English skill for daily life or for their work.

You can apply for Subclass 500 Student Visa ELICOS or you can use your Tourist or Working Holiday Visa.
With Tourist and Working Holiday Visa, you are allowed to study for up to 3 months.

There are several level of English courses offered in Australia to suit range of study needs:

General English

This course are aimed to improve your English in general for traveling or casual daily conversation in English speaking country. Short term English program to enhance your English skill or long term English program to increase your confidence in your daily life.

English for Academic Purpose

You will need to take this course if you wish to study in Australian school, college or university, and you need to improve your Formal English skill. This course will prepare you on how to efficiently make notes from your lecturer, make a good essay for your assignment

IELTS Preparation

If you want to prepare yourselves before you take an IELTS Test. This course is specifically designed to boost your English Course. They will teach you on how to effectively manage the time given in the test, catch the important part

English for Specific Purpose

This course focused on practical English for specific areas and sector. Some area like law, business and medicine has their own term that will not be mentioned in everyday life. This course will help professional to focus on practical English.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker of Other Language)

This course is purposely aimed for those who wish to teach English to other people. Course is usually taken by English Teacher that wants to teach in a non English speaking country.

CHEAPEST ENGLISH COURSE in Sydney starts from: $180/week

  • Based in Sydney City CBD
  • 4 days per week of study
  • Night classes also available
  • intake every Monday

CHEAPEST ENGLISH COURSE in Melbourne starts from: $170/week

  • Based in Melbourne City CBD
  • 4 to 5 days per week of study
  • Night/ Weekend classes available [on request]
  • intake every month

CHEAPEST ENGLISH COURSE in Perth starts from: $180/week

  • Based in Perth City CBD
  • 5 days per week of study
  • Night classes available if minimum students required are met
  • intake every month

CHEAPEST ENGLISH COURSE in Brisbane starts from: $275/week

  • Based in Brisbane CBD
  • 4 days per week of study
  • for intake dates please contact Brightannica Team

CHEAPEST ENGLISH COURSE in Adelaide starts from: $170/week

  • Based in Adelaide City CBD
  • 5 days per week of study

Application to English course minimum is 10 weeks English. We can help you to tailor the best pathway for your goal. We will also able to assist you with your student visa application.

Please contact our team for more information

Brightannica Team